September 2016

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Renewables are getting cheaper all the time – here’s why

The stars are aligning for Australia to transition to 100% renewable electricity. Our fossil fuel infrastructure is ageing, which means we will soon need to invest in new power generators. New technologies such as battery storage could revolutionise long-standing business models. With care, the transitions away from fossil fuels could offer greater job opportunities. Our […]

Sunshine on a cloudy day | How solar panels work in cloudy weather

As solar power, battery storage and renewable energy targets continue their upward trajectory, there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding  solar panels and solar systems. Back in July, we addressed 6 popular solar myths.  We’re going to delve a bit deeper into one of those 6 myths: Solar power only works on sunny days. […]

50% renewable energy would put Australia in line with leading nations

Opposition leader Bill Shorten told the Labor Party conference this morning that the party’s policy should be for 50% of electricity to come from renewables by 2030. This would bring Australia abreast with its international competitors such as California, with its recently announced target of 50% of electricity from renewables by 2030, and Germany, where […]

Four tips for looking after your solar panels

Keep them clean and you’ll be evergreen You don’t have to wash your car in order for it to run, but it certainly helps. It’s the same with solar panels. If you live in a neighbourhood that has a lot of dirt and sand, ongoing construction or is particularly windy you’ll want to keep a […]

Victoria’s renewables target joins an impressive shift towards clean energy

The Victorian Labor government has announced an “ambitious and achievable” Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET). This target will commit the state to generating 25% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020, and 40% by 2025. While details of the VRET are yet to be fully fleshed out, it is set to be based on […]

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