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When your business’ new investment is installed and running properly, you will want to ensure that it is operating 24/7 and properly outputting the expected amount electricity to help ensure that you are on course to reach your business’ expected return on its investment.


An Energy Monitoring Solution, one that is on line, monitoring and reporting in real-time, will provide you with that level of comfort that your system is reaching is determined benchmarks of energy use and reduction.

A real-time energy consumption display option informs occupants the current energy consumption, which is credited for a 7% reduction in energy consumption.

Any online system will allow the system to be monitored via any lap/desk top, table or smart phone.

Some systems provide the option to display via LCD for staff to monitor, and on your business’ website.

With this data being presented in real-time, it provides you with the first hand ability to make and action instantaneous decisions based on your business’ energy profile.

There are systems out there that are available for both solar and non-solar businesses, so be sure to research the system that best suits your business’ new solar investment.

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