As a a small to medium enterprise [SME] or business owner, finding new and innovative ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality or customer experience will always be a challenge.

Switching off unused appliances, upgrading to energy efficient lighting and appliances are great ways to cut costs, while reducing your carbon footprint and can be great for your business.


But even those initiatives are not enough to combat rising electricity prices, particularity when Australia heats up in summer time and the air con has to be on full arctic blast.

Why not take it a step further, by taking advantage of the clean, free power produced by the sun?

Take control of your outgoing energy bills by installing a solar system which will help to further your eco/green friendly standing in the business community and with your customers. This cost-effective investment provides sound ROI to you and your business, specifically with long term social, environmental and financial returns.

In addition to governmental rebates and schemes, many banks offer attractive loan packages tailored for SMEs looking to invest in clean, renewable energy sources.

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