August 2016

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Solar households to lose subsidies, but it’s a bright future for the industry

Solar households in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales will this year cease to be paid for power they export into the electricity grid. In South Australia, some households will lose 16 cents per kilowatt-hour (c/kWh) from September 31. Some Victorian households will lose 25 c/kWh, and all NSW households will stop receiving payments […]

Is Solar Worth it for your Business?

I’ll say it right now, there has never been a smarter time for businesses to go solar. For those familiar with the government incentives to install solar of 5 years ago, this probably seems like a ridiculous statement. Back then, surplus electricity produced by solar panels could be sold back to the grid at a […]

Commercial Solar Rebate Deadline – December 2016

The government solar incentive, which provides a significant discount off the upfront cost of a solar system, is due to be phased out starting 1st January 2017. Currently, for a 5kW solar system, which is generally large enough to meet the energy requirements of a small business, the average incentive is $3,914. This incentive comes […]

People power is the secret to reliable, clean energy

Australia’s energy watchdog, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), has issued a stark warning: more wind and solar power will demand new approaches to avoid interruptions to electricity supply. In its annual Electricity Statement of Opportunities, released this week, AEMO indicated that the overall outlook for reliability has improved. So far, so good. However, South […]

The next solar revolution could replace fossil fuels in mining

Recently Sandfire Resources, a gold and copper producer based in Western Australia, announced its new solar power plant will soon start powering its DeGrussa mine. By replacing diesel power, the 10-megawatt power station, with 34,000 panels and lithium storage batteries, is expected to reduce the mine’s carbon emissions by 15%. This is an exciting development […]

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