Solar Panels (commercial systems)

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Commercial solar installations [greater than 10kW] in Australia accounted for more than 159MW of installations in 2015.

Schools, wineries, supermarkets, shopping centres and universities contributed to a bumper year for installations over 100kW.

With all of these commercial systems being installed, the number of panels sold also reached highly improved numbers in 2015.  Acknowledging that the array of panels is the most important ingredient of any solar system, being that its the hardest working part of the system.

Taking that into consideration, selecting the most suitable panels is paramount. Price can always be a consideration, but more importantly is:

  • Power production capability
  • Corrosion certification
  • Performance in weaker lighted conditions
  • Warranty [both hardware and performance]
  • Panel efficiency rating
  • Suitability to your roof pitch [flat vs angled]
  • Self cleaning ability
  • Panel size/dimensions
  • Ability to withstand natural elements [wind, heat, rain, etc]
  • Industry awards
  • Salt-mist corrosion

You’ll want to spend some time researching panel brands and how they measure up against the above criteria. A great place¬†to start is with community reviews, industry ratings and sites. Check out all of the solar panel reviews on the Solar Market site.

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