Important: Significant government incentives are available for businesses to install Solar Power Systems.

They include:

  1. Small Technology CertificatesSmall Technology Certificates under the Renewable Energy Target (up to 100kw) – these provide a subsidy to purchase the system 
  2. Large Technology CertificatesLarge Technology Certificates under the Renewable Energy Target (for systems over 100kw) – these provide an ongoing income stream in addition to the power produced by the solar power system 
  3. Clean Technology Investment FundClean Technology Investment Fund providing a further subsidy to purchase the system for manufacturers and those businesses in the food industry 

Combined, these government incentives can provide for up to 60% of the capital cost of a Commercial Solar Power System.

Solar Market will put you in touch with 3 professional, accredited Solar Power Companies who specialise in providing solar power for business (at no cost to you).

The companies will provide you with full details on the government incentives available and will provide you with a quotation which will generally allow these subsidies to be used as a point of sale discount to the capital cost of purchasing a system.

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