March 2016

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After Paris, the future of Australian coal is downhill

Gary Ellem, University of Newcastle The ink is barely dry on the Paris climate agreement and the debate has already started on how the deal will affect the future of fossil fuels, particularly coal. Following the deal on Sunday, the mining industry has responded that Australian coal will remain an important provider of affordable energy […]

Tesla Day: Video Roundup of the Tesla Powerwall Battery System

Welcome back to Tesla Day. First we did the Model S roundup, and now we’re onto the Powerwall video roundup. With the advent of the Powerwall, Tesla has thrown the proverbial cat among the pigeons in the solar PV industry. While battery storage systems for solar PV installations have been around for many years, the […]

Five ways we can harness the original renewable energy source – human power

Daniel Shin, Nottingham Trent University Human power used to be all the rage. 150 years ago, products that relied on human energy such as the bicycle, pedal-powered lathe or sewing machine could be found in most households. But as electro-mechanical motors developed, reliance on human-powered products gradually diminished. Today, human power is not appropriately recognised […]

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