There is no such thing as a free lunch, but free solar panels are a reality.

The “Free Solar” business model, also referred to a “solar leasing” and “pay as you go”, has been popular in the =United States, only recently coming to fruition here in Australia.

This approach to going solar encourages businesses [and residence alike]  to by-pass the road block of expending the capital for installing a solar system.

The free solar model works by having the owner/installer of the panels and system to install on the business rooftop for free.

The business owner will save by paying a much reduced fee for the energy used [especially during the day when solar is generating electricity] for the specified term of the agreement.

Additionally, the business owner is not financially responsible for any maintenance and/or repairs to the system.

It’s very common for the owner of the system to want to enter into a  power purchase agreement (PPA) with the business owner.

When you get 3 commercial solar proposals, query each of them about financing options, including the free solar model.



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