Just like any residence that installs a solar system, businesses are also eligible for a feed-in tariff.

The Australian renewable energy feed-in tariffs will pay qualifying businesses for any excess energy created from a solar system.

The amount that you could earn back from a feed-in tariff will depend on three things:

  1. What solar system you have
  2. The amount set by your state government
  3. Whether or not your electricity retailer is increasing upon what the state has set

Just to confuse things even more, there are two types of feed-in tariffs for solar; gross and net.

A gross feed-in tariff is defined by your electricity retailer crediting you for all the electricity that your solar system has fed back into the grid and charging you separately for all of the electricity that you have used.

The net feed-in tariff is defined by you being credited by your electricity retailer for the total amount of electricity over what you have used. This type of feed in tariff is only used in:

  1. Queensland
  2. Tasmania
  3. Victoria
  4. South Australia

Feed-in tariffs vary from state to state, as they are determined by the individual electricity retailer in your local area. To easily source which offers are available in your area, check out the government’s Energy Made Easy site.

Be aware that any payments received, may be considered to assessable income by the ATO.

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