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Is solar worth the investment? You bet it is!

  • Great ROI

    Return on investment

    Due to the fact that most businesses operate during daylight hours, this means that there’s a good chance you’ll use 100% of the energy produced which will massively increase the benefits and return on investment.

  • Cheaper Solar

    Systems never been more affordable

    With the prices for solar panels and other components continually falling and Australian companies becoming much more efficient at installing larger systems, system prices have never been lower which means that your system will provide excellent returns on investment and low payback periods.

  • Environmental Benefits

    Environmental benefits

    As you’ll be generating clean green energy on site rather than via fossil fuels generated many kilometres away, you’ll be preventing the release of many tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere per year. Systems last decades so the benefits are long lasting.

  • Enhance your brand

    Enhance your brand

    Installing commercial is a great statement as to your businesses commitment to sustainability and can be promoted to staff and customers alike. Monitoring software can be installed which allows you to display production and carbon offset in your office.

  • Rebates Available

    Generous rebates available

    For systems under 100kW, you’ll be eligible to receive an upfront rebate in the form of Small Technology Certificates (STCs). For systems over 100kW, you'll receive Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) which pay you each year for the energy the system produces. Either way, the incentives are substantial.

  • Robust technology

    Robust technology

    Solar panel technology is now extremely reliable with no moving parts and continues to produce energy for decades. Warranties for reputable panel brands are around 25 years and inverters are 10 years. With may systems paying for themselves in under 5 years, the system will provide many years of net benefits.

How Solar Market works?

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As featured in The Australian, Domain, The West Australian, Gizmodo, The Insider, CNN Money, Clean Technica, GTM and New Economy As featured in The Australian, Domain, The West Australian, Gizmodo, The Insider, CNN Money, Clean Technica, GTM and New Economy

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