As featured in The Australian, Domain, The West Australian, Gizmodo, The Insider, CNN Money, Clean Technica, GTM and New Economy As featured in The Australian, Domain, The West Australian, Gizmodo, The Insider, CNN Money, Clean Technica, GTM and New Economy

Founded in 2010, Solar Market is dedicated to educating Australian households and businesses about the important issues associated with installing a solar system.

Electricity prices vs wage growth and inflation

Sky rocketing energy prices is hurting Australian business

Energy costs for business’s in Australia have increased substantially over the last decade -well in excess of wage growth or inflation in the general economy.

Recent political battles over Australia’s energy policy has only exacerbated the problem and In the last 12-24 months the electricity costs for many businesses have doubled or tripled in some cases when the time has come to renegotiate new contracts with retailers.

This is unsustainable and an existential threat to many businesses.

Commercial solar is the solution to rising energy prices

Luckily a solution is at hand in the form of commercial solar power. Over the last 5 years, the cost of installing commercial size solar systems has dropped dramatically and is now accessible to most businesses with sufficient roof space.

The benefits are many and make investing in a system extremely compelling:

  • Reducing cost

    Immediate reduction in operating costs

  • High ROI

    High investment returns and fast payback periods

  • Protect aginst price hikes

    Hedge against future electricity price increases

  • reduce carbon footprint

    Reduce your carbon emissions

  • Systems last decades

    Systems are low maintenance and last for decades

  • Enhance your brand

    Improve your environmental credentials

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Rebates Available

Generous Government incentive available

Generous incentives are available under the Federal government’s Renewable Energy Target. For systems under 100Kw, you can access Small Technology Certificates (STCs) which are an upfront rebate. For systems over 100kW, Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) are available which pay you over the life of the system.

Here’s what you can expect the rebate to be worth for different size systems.

10kW – $7,000
50kW – $35,000
100kW – $70,000
500kW – $150,000 (use these numbers as placeholder text at the moment – TBC)

Financing option to help finance your system

  1. Cash / CapExThe most cost effective away to finance your system and will lead to the fastest payback time and the highest ROI
  2. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)A PPA is a form of lease whereby a third party owns and maintains the system for a set period and you buy the power at a rate lower than you pay from the grid. After around 20 years, you’ll own the system.
  3. LoanA business loan or Green loan is a great way to finance a system and, in most cases,, the repayments will be less than the savings in electricity so it should be a no brainer.

Get 3 Commercial Solar Proposals!

With Solar Market, this Process is Simple

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  • Complete the short questionnaire about your business and how you use your energy.

  • Step 2
  • Solar Market will analyse the results and match you with 3 suitable Clean Energy Council Accredited Commercial Solar Installers who service your area.

  • Step 3
  • Use the tools and guides on our site to help you through the process so that you can make the right decision and start seeing the benefits in your business.

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We are Solar Market

At Solar Market, we believe solar is the best way for business owners and managers to reduce the stress of ever increasing power price rises, which lets you get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

Since 2011, we’ve helped over 220,000 Australian homes and businesses understand the benefits of solar and then get connected with Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar providers in their local area.

f you’d like to reduce your energy costs and need some assistance with the process of determining if solar is right for you and get connected with reputable providers who service your area, then we’re here to help!

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